By staff


Co-founders- Justin Taylor, Sean Diediker, Ben Mcpherson

Office manager – Laura Romero (801)623-0351


All of our instructors are working professionals that teach a few hours a week because they are passionate about our mission.

Drawing / Painting – Justin Taylor

Drawing / Painting – J Kirk Richards

Design – Sean Diediker


Our Academicians are nationally recognized artists from around the country who support the Academy and it’s mission. At least one of our Academicians will visit the Academy monthly to associate and share their art and career experience with our students. They are also invited to all classes and events.

Carlo Russo

Casey Baugh

William Whitaker

Joseph Todorovitch

Zack Zdrale

Gary Earnest Smith

Nate Ronniger

Justin Taylor

Sean Diediker

Allison Leigh Smith

Patrick Devonas

Michael Workman

Trevor Southey

Chris Young

Robert Barrett

J Kirk Richards

David Kassan

Ron Richmond

Doug Fryer

Brian Kershisnik

Ron Hicks

Organizations that support the academy by visiting and sharing their knowledge and experience with our students.

Blue Rain Gallery

Springville Museum of Art

Utah Museum of Art

BYU Museum of Art

Gallery MAR

Kimball Art Center

Terzian Gallery

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