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The Bridge Academy of Art is a private institution devoted to guiding dedicated students in acquiring the tools necessary to make substantial contributions in  today’s world of fine art.  The academy is built on a strong commitment to the fundamentals of observational drawing, painting, composition, design, and exposing our students to a wide range of approaches and philosophies from our diverse staff and academicians.  In order to facilitate this training students are instructed in the process of cast drawing / painting, working from the live model, and engaging in analysis of all valid art movements past and present. With this experience and technical training, students are encouraged and guided in exploring his or her own creative process and personal expression.

The Bridge Academy of Art is a community made up of the nations most accomplished working artists (academicians) of all genres and styles. The Academy enjoys frequent visits from these artists as they relate their career experiences and creative phylosophies. Our instructors are all fulltime artists who teach a couple of hours a week because they are passionate about the mission and standards of the Academy. This is important to us because we believe it is ideal for aspiring artists to learn from those that are working and succeeding in their fields.

August 2017
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