Santa Fe and Springville

Well, the last month has been crazy at The Bridge.  First we took a trip down to Sante Fe, NM.   The cost was $100 for everything but food.   We hit all the galleries on Canyon Rd and a bunch downtown.  At the Gerald Peters Gallery we were treated to a back stage peak of their inventory of over 30,000 original pieces!  Between galleries Sean would talk to us about what we liked or disliked about particular staff or space and the work being represented.  After dinner, we’d go back to the rooms or out to one of Santa Fe’s many quiet spots to chat about whatever.   We all learned a little more about each other, the business of art and art itself.   All for $200 if you were careful with your money.
Thanks to all those who came and made it possible.


High Road to Taos

A particular church behind us. (left) Mark, Aaron, Emily, Doug, Wes, Tracy, Axel, Kinsi, Sean, Cyrena.

The Springville MOA show was cool.  Imagine you’re going to art school right?  Going and drawing with a bunch of other artists four days a week.   You’ll  see a lot of good stuff in a year.   Well,  now cram a bunch of that good stuff into one big room.   Except, not just any big room,  put it in one of Utah’s premier art venues.   Yeah that about sums it up.  A reflection of landmarks as we wrap up The Bridge’s first year.  Special thanks to Springville Museum of Art.


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