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Welcome William Whitaker

Friday August 29th we will have the privilege of having William Whitaker visit the Bridge. He is one of utah’s most respected portrait painters and we at the Bridge feel fortunate to have him involved as academician of our academy. He will be visiting with our core students from 12-4pm and will give a lecture at 6pm which is open to all.

Thanks Bill.  We look forward to your visit.

Below is a short bio from his website.

The only son of an artist father, William Whitaker grew up in the special world of the working artist. He had access to the finest art materials and was painting in watercolor and oil at the age of six. His fondest early memories are of the sights sounds and smells of the art studio.

The art world of his childhood and youth was the brave new world of abstract expressionism and until he was well out of college his natural inclination to draw accurately and his love for traditional realism was a source of inner conflict. Nevertheless he was fortunate, starting at age 17, to receive a thorough grounding in academic figure drawing and painting from the portrait painter Alvin Gittins at the University of Utah, and after exploring other styles he followed his heart into traditional art.

Whitaker loves to paint from life in an old fashioned studio. No matter what direction his art takes him, he always comes back to the model in the studio, the form bathed in the beautiful quiet cool light coming down from a high north window. He refers to this kind of seeing and painting as the Old Testament of art and feels there is enough magic to engage him there for the rest of his life.

He believes the value of painting is to be found in its spiritual power. Having been told all his life that the kind of painting he enjoys is dead, he takes quiet comfort in lovingly attempting to capture something the camera cannot see. He is also delighted that there are so many wonderfully talented young artists who are not bound or inhibited by contemporary art world conventions and who are out to paint beautifully crafted pictures without apology.

He has been a professional artist since 1965, during which time he has conducted workshops and been a university art professor. He continues to work with one or two advanced student artists for fun. He paints about three or four hours every day ands spends the rest of the time trying not to ruin any good work he’s done

Claire Peterson


Rockwell Visited

We will be visiting the NuSkin building on Center Street in Provo at 1pm Friday Aug 22 to view some Rockwell originals. Following the NuSkin tour we will head back to the Academy to discuss more of Rockwell’s life, career, and why he is an American icon.  And Ben might even bring some FRESCA. The model session will go from 5-8. See you there. Dont miss this rare opportunity to see these paintings up close and personal.



Rockwell American treasure

Attention bridge attendee’s we have moved the Art analysis class this week Fri. 22 pending further notice. We may have a special treat in store for you students if J. taylor locks down his exclusive connection to the Roni collection. ORIGINAL ROCKWELL’S, from what I understand they are amazing in real life. We will let you know if things change.


Waterhouse revealed

Don’t miss Art Analysis on Aug. 12. We will focus on John W. Waterhouse, and the Pre Raphaelite lineage that so influenced his work. We will also take a field trip to see and discuss his painting titled Mariamne at BYU MOA. Be there or be square, and speaking of squares we will also take a look at the new contempo exhibit.


Friday evening Demonstration (8/8/08)

Friday evening at the Bridge was my first time with this class so I decided to begin with a demonstration to start them off with something to work toward and maybe even teach them a little. 🙂 I very much enjoyed it. This class is full of enthusiastic students. The main reason for this post is for them to refer to as they look back at their notes.

Good luck ladies. See you soon

Jeff Hein


American Art Collector Article

American Art Collector Article Download

This Article just came out a few weeks ago. It’s funny that it started as a simple road-trip to see some art and ended up becoming our biggest show of the year.




Ready for class

I hope this doesn’t come off as gloating. I promise its not. Its more like the thing that has been consuming our thoughts, concerns, and about 70 plus hrs of this past week. It’s been amazing to see the project come to full fruition. Here is a before and after of the interior, exterior, and what we all looked like Friday at midnight after hrs of sweeping, painting, cutting, debating, more painting, mopping, assembling, hanging, nailing, even more painting, scraping, digging, planting, watering and singing “bad medicine” by Bon Jovi. It is an awesome experience to work side-by-side with each of these guys who are equally committed and passionate about The Bridge, and able to make a vision come to life. We look forward to seeing our students Monday at 6PM for orientation.


Ben Stier (web master), Justin Taylor, Sean Diediker, Ben Mcpherson, Jeff Hein

Left to Right: Ben Stier (our web ninja), Justin Taylor, Sean Diediker, Ben Mcpherson, and Jeff Hein.

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